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Tale of Two Crews

B-17G Mean Widdle Kid a/c 43-37987



First Crew


Lt Peter J. Brown Crew - 839th Bomb Squadron

Standing L to R: S/Sgt Leon C. Wiggins (waist gunner),  Art Stofko (copilot),  2nd Lt Peter J. Brown (pilot), 

1st Lt Roy E. Wickerham (bombardier/navigator)
Kneeling L to R: John Smith (nose gunner),  S/Sgt Amos L. Garrett (flight engineer),  Sgt Frank A. Wosnick (tail gunner),

Sgt Frank A. Cummings (Radio Operator),  Richard O. Mason (ball gunner)



Second Crew


Lt Richard L. Althouse & Crew - 839th Bomb Squadron, 16 Mar 1945


Standing L to R:  1st Lt. Richard L. Althouse (pilot),  unknown (replacement copilot),  1st Lt. Ricard F. Baer (copilot),

unknown (replacment tail-gunner), S/Sgt Norman D Garrison (ball-turret gunner), T/Sgt William R. Bressler (radio operator)

Kneeling L to R:  T/Sgt Aaron C. Conn (togglier),  2nd Lt Douglas D. Couchran (navigator),  S/Sgt Harold R. Gustine (waist gunner),

T/Sgt Thomas J. Fugere (flight engineer)

Note: It is possible that both unknowns in this photo are 1/Lts Clyde E. Oliver (temporary co-pilot)and Willis E. Peake (tail gunner), who both killed in action on April 10, 1945. 



Crew listed in Missing Air Crew Report #13883:

Lt Richard L Althouse (pilot), POW

1Lt Clyde E Oliver (temporary copilot), KIA

2Lt Douglas D Couchran Jr (navigator), POW

T/Sgt Thomas J Fugere (engineer), POW

T/Sgt William R Bressler (radio operator), POW

S/Sgt Aaron C Conn (togglier/bombardier), POW

S/Sgt Norman D Garrison (ball turret gunner), POW

S/Sgt Harold R Gustine (waist gunner), POW

1Lt Willis E Peake (tail gunner), KIA

S/Sgt Lincoln Hudson (temorary waist gunner) POW