The CUTTS Family of Wisconsin
and Connecticut

The genealogy of the Wilber F. Cutts family of Wisconsin has been traced back to "Elinor" (last name unknown). She was married to a Cutts (first name unknown). Elinor was born about 1760, and most likely in Nottinghamshire, England. Wilber F. Cutts was married to Lydia M. Towner, and her genealogy has been traced back nine generations to John Page, born in 1586 at Ticehurst, Sussex, England.

Though without conclusive evidence, William H. Cutts was married about 1827 in England and emigrated to America between 1838 and 1841 (based on where his children had been born). It may be significant that his father, William, died in England in 1841, giving him leave to go to America. He was living in New Jersey in 1842, then in Connecticut between 1844 and 1851. His last daughter, Hattie, was born in New York about 1852. At some point William H. moved back to Connecticut and died there in 1874. This is when some of his married children moved to Wisconsin. Wilber F. Cutts moved Unity, Clark County, Wisconsin between 1874 and 1875.

Kittery, Maine is where most of the first American "Cutts" family settled upon coming from England.  Much is written about this early Cutts family, which included high social standing among the Washington political establishment and the nation's founders through Dolly Madison. A direct link to the Cutts family of Wisconsin is yet to be established. Given that both families have roots in the same area of England, it is very possible they are related.




Cutts Descendants Report


Cutts Ancestors Tree


Eldred George Cutts Family

From Elinor was born in Nottinghamshire, England abt. 1760.   Dating back to Elizabeth Wilding, born 1582 in England.   Register Descendant Ordered (pdf)
store   lydia   eldred + helen
Perschke & Cutts General Hardware in Unity, Wisconsin. William Arthur Cutts was partner. The store was rebuilt after 1909, when several buildings were lost in a major fire.   William Arthur Cutts, Lydia (Towner) Cutts, Eldred Cutts and little Richard "Dick" Cutts. Photo taken Sept. 30, 1938 on Lydia's birthday at home in Unity, Wisconsin.   Helen Hederer and Eldred G. Cutts wedding took place at the Green Grove parsonage on August 14, 1935.


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  • Ancestors of Cutts (16 KB)
    • CUTTS ancestors going back to Elizabeth WILDING of Tricehurst, Sussex, England in year 1582.
  • Cutts Descendants Tree (38 KB)
    • Seven generations of CUTTS from 1760 Nottinghamshire, England to families in eastern United States and Wisconsin.


  • Unity, Wisconsin 1912 (77 KB)
    • Looking southeast at intersection of Hwy.13, and Hwy. P (left to right): 1) brick building is Wm. Glamann's Forest Hotel (possibly owned by Rucks family). Next is 2) Button and CUTTS Hardware store, 3) Unity Mercantile Store, 4) Unity State Bank (said to been robbed and safe blown up with nitro-glycerin).
  • Plat Map of Unity Township, Clark Co., WI - 1880 (337 KB)
    • Location of W.F. Curtiss [sic], (Wilber F. Cutts) 80-acre farm in Township of Unity, Clark Co., WI. (Note much land then owned by Cornell University)
  • Ancestors of Lydia TOWNER (wife of Wilber CUTTS) (421 KB)
    • TOWNER family dates back to 1636 in Paling, Sussex, England. The PAGE family dates back to 1586 in Ticehurst, Sussex, England.
  • Aerial photo of former W. F. Cutts farm Unity, Clark, WI (110 KB)
    • Present day aerial photo of 80 acre parcel once owned and farmed by Wilber F. Cutts from ca. 1875 to some time after 1915. Section 12 in Unity Township, Clark Co., WI.
  • Topographic map of former Cutts farm Unity, Clark, WI (138 KB)
    • Compare this topographic map to the aerial photo of Cutts farm parcel formerly located on King Road in the township of Unity, Clark County, Wisconsin.
  • Land Patent for W. F. Cutts farm Unity, WI (141 KB)
    • Document obtained on January 15, 1884 for his homestead on the west half of the north east quarter of section twelve in Unity township containing 80 acres.
  • Helen Hederer and Eldred Cutts Wedding (162 KB)
    • Wedding was at the Green Grove parsonage on Wednesday, August 14, 1935 at 2:00 P.M., Rev. M. C. Goetsch read the marriage ceremony, Helen Hederer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hederer of Colby, married Mr. Eldred Cutts, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Cutts of Unity.
  • Little Sisters Debbie and Lynda (47 KB)
    • From left: Debbie and sister Lynda. (ca. 1964)
  • Helen Hederer and Eldred Cutts Wedding Group (126 KB)
    • From left: Herbert Hederer – groomsman (bride’s brother), Helen Hederer, Eldred Cutts and Miss Marion Hederer – bridesmaid (relation unknown). The bride was attired in a dress of blue with shaded ostrich feathers, bridesmaid wore a dress of green. Bride’s bouquet consisted of ferns and mixed flowers.
  • Richard E. "Dick" Cutts - abt. 1964 (74 KB)
    • Probably his college graduation photo from about 1964. He would have been about 28 years old.
  • Dick Cutts and colleagues (97 KB)
    • Northern Nigeria Teacher Education Project. Africa ca. August 1968. 
  • Wilber F. Cutts, headstone (137 KB)
    • Wilber F. Cutts & Lydia (Towner) located in Town of Brighton Municipal Cemetery, 1 mile east of Unity, WI on Hwy. P, then 1 mile south on Pine Road.
  • Cutts kids in Canada (221 KB)
    • Deb, Rick and Lynda
  • William Arthur Cutts, headstone (177 KB)
    • W. Arthur "Art" Cutts 1872-1943, wife Lena H. & son Adrian H. Cutts lie in the middle of Brighton Municipal Cemetery, Brighton Township,  Marathon Co., WI. (1 mile east of Unity)
  • Lydia Cutts (nee Towner) - 30 Sep 1938 (134 KB)
    • Born 30 Sep 1847 in Oxford, New Haven, Connecticut. Photo taken on her birthday. Mostly like at home of son William Arthur Cutts in Unity, WI
  • George W. Cutts, headstone (122 KB)
    • Brighton Municipal Cemetery, Brighton Township, Marathon County, WI. Located next to his parents Wilber & Lydia at south end of cemetery.
  • Lydia Cutts (nee Towner) four generations (153 KB)
    • Son Wm. Arthur (1872), Lydia (1847), grt-grandson Dick (1936) & grandson Eldred Cutts (1913). Photo taken on her birthday. Mostly likely at home of son William Arthur Cutts in Unity, WI - 30 Sep 1938.


  • Map showing plots in Town of Brighton Municipal Cemetery (68 KB)
    • Brighton Cemetery; Unity, Sec. 7, Brighton Township, Marathon Co., WI. Directions from Unity; from Hwy 13-Turn east by the Post Office on Cty RP, go one mile to Pine Rd., turn south to cemetery, on the west side of the road in a grove of pines.
  • Cutts Descendants from England (81 KB)
    • Genealogy report goes back to Elinor Cutts born about 1780 in Nottinghamshire, England
  • Peter Heintz, obituary (1844 - 1919) (13 KB)
    • Peter was, " of the old settlers of the town of Hull, Marathon, Co., Wis." His daughter (Lena Heintz) married William Arthur Cutts.
  • George W. Cutts, obituary (1869 –1888) (8 KB)
    • Died from an accident in D.J. Spaulding's lumber mill at Withee, Clark
      Co., WI.
  • Lydia E. Cutts, obituary (1847 – 1945) (10 KB)
    • Lydia E. (Towner) Cutts, wife of Wilber F. Cutts of Unity, WI.
  • Lena Cutts, obituary (1874 – 1951) (13 KB)
    • Lena (Heintz) Cutts, wife of Wm. Arthur Cutts, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Peter Heintz, was born in Fond du Lac, WI. Moved to Unity, WI at age 2, about 1876.
  • Lizzie Heintz, obituary (1850 - 1927) (9 KB)
    • Lizzie (Brudette) Heintz, wife of Peter Heintz, was born in Bavaria, Germany. Emigrated to  Wisconsin at sixteen years old, about 1866.


  • Local History of Clark County, Wisconsin