The BAER and SCHARCH Families of
Wisconsin and Germany

Family Trees, Genealogy Reports, and Photo Albums

By Stacy Scharch
Baer family of Cross Plains, Wisconsin was retrieved from family book: Kelter, Mrs. Florence, and Sister Rosalind Brabender. Bollenbeck Family Tree, 1810-1977. N.p., 1977. Print.
Farrell families of Wisconsin, Illinois, and Ireland, and the Zangs family of Iowa, by Timothy J. Morrissey, son of Mary Kay Morrissey (nee Farrell).
Scharch families of New York and Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany is work of cousin Carol-Anne Eldridge, Ed D (nee Scharch) and others.
Leopold Meyer and Mathias Fuerst families of Wisconsin was compiled by Stacy Scharch.

Baer, Bollenbeck and Loehrer Familes of Wisconsin

Photos and Related Items
Katie & Charles Baer
 Catherine H. Loehrer & Charles E. H. Baer
Family life in Madison, WI 
Loehrer Bros
Loehrer Family
Trier, Germany to Pine Bluff, Wisconsin
 Loehrer Family in Madison and Pine Bluff, WI
Joseph & Amelia Bollenbeck
 Family in Madison, WI 
Baden, Germany to Cross Plains, Wisconsin
Baer family
Juliana Bollenbeck & John Joseph Baer
Baer from Bruhl-Kierberg, Germany late 1840s
 Settled NE section of Village of Cross Plains, WI


Photo Albums

Scharch, Meyer and Fuerst Families
Henry Scharch family
Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany to New York, USA
Photo courtesy of Rosalind Sheldon (nee Scharch)
Mathias Fuerst family (Meyer)
Emigrated from Usledange, Luxembourg to
Port Washington, Wisconsin
mag geo
Magdalene (nee Meyer) & George Scharch
Their early years in Oregon and Wisconsin states

Genealogy Reports


1. Descendants of Johann Conrad Scharch  (View PDF)

4. Descendants of Georg BAER  (View PDF)

2. Descendants of Crine SIMENS  (View PDF)

3. Descendants of Daniel FARRELL  (View PDF)

5. Descendants of Hobart LOEHRER  (View PDF)


Q:  Where is Stacy's old Family Tree Maker site?
A:  It is here for now, and being replaced: SCHARCH and BAER Families of Wisconsin

  Family Descendants
1. AUWERDA            
2. BAER (View PDF) Outline PDF Tree PDF Tree PDF Tree PDF  
3. FARRELL (View PDF) Outline PDF Tree PDF      
  LOEHRER (View PDF) Outline PDF Tree PDF Tree PDF Tree PDF  
  MEYER           Leopold Meyer
  SIMENS (View PDF) Outline PDF Tree PDF      
  SCHARCH (View PDF) Outline PDF Tree PDF Tree PDF Tree PDF