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Central Division SCCA

There are five racing circuits located within the Central Division SCCA map below. The tracks are also used by other amateur and professional race organizations like Sportscar Vintage Racing Association, AHRMA, AMA, NASCAR, GrandAm, Midwestern Council, American Le Mans Series, Grand-Am, Indy Car, Chump Car World Series as well as vintage clubs and various manufacturer car clubs.





Regions of the Central Division SCCA 
Badlands (102)
Blackhawk Valley (82)
Central Illinois (4)
Chicago (7)
Great River (99)
Iowa (14)
Lake Superior (56)
Land O' Lake (18)
Milwaukee (20)




Autobahn Country Club Joliet

3795 Center Point Way - Joliet, Illinois 60436

North Circuit: 1.46 miles - 40 ft. wide, 9 turns (6 right, 3 left) Pole left  (Built in 2005)

South Circuit: 2.1 miles - 40 ft. wide, 15 turns (9 right, 6 left) Pole right  (Built in 2005)

Full Circuit: 3.56 miles - 40 ft. wide, 19 turns (10 right, 9 left) Pole left  (Built in 2005)

Track Map

Situated on 350 acres of gently rolling countryside, the Autobahn Country Club features two challenging road courses that, when combined, create the second longest racing venue in the US.

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Blackhawk Farms Raceway

15538 Prairie Road - South Beloit, Illinois 61080

Circuit length: 1.95 miles, 7 turns (4 right, 3 left) Pole right  (Built in 1967)

Track Map

Blackhawk was designed by racer, Jerry Dunbar. It has 7 corner flagging stations (4 right, 3 left). A bend was later added between turns 3 and 4. Technically, the course consists of 11 turns (7 right, 4 left). The facility is a non-spectator club track situated on 219 acres of flat terrain. It is centrally located between Chicago, Milwaukee and Madison. The track currently hosts events for the Midwestern Council, SCCA, VSCDA, and SVRA clubs.


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Brainerd International Raceway

5523 Birchdale Road - Brainerd, Minnesota 56401

Donnybrooke Road Course: 3.1 miles, 10 turns (7 right, 3 left) Pole right  (Built in 1968)

Competition Road Course:  2.5 miles, 13 turns (7 right, 6 left) Pole right  (Built in 2009)

Track Map

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The original 3.1-mile Donnybrooke Road Course is still operational and boasts a mile-long straightaway followed by the fastest turn of any road course in the country. The newer 2.5-mile Competition Road Course utilizes part of the Donnybrooke course, which is joined at turns 1 and 8.


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Milwaukee Mile

7722 West Greenfield Avenue - West Allis, Wisconsin 53214

Oval track: 1.03 miles, 4 turns (4 left)  (Built in 1903)

Road circuit: 1.8 miles, 10 turns (7 right, 3 left) includes 1-mile oval, Pole right  (Built in 1954)

Track Map

The Mile is the oldest operating motor speedway in the world, its first race was on September 11, 1903. The infield road course was built in 1954 and repaved in 2005.


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Road America, Elkhart Lake, WI

7390 N Hwy 67 - Plymouth, WI 53073

Circuit length: 4.048 miles, 14 turns (10 right, 4 left) Pole right  (Built in 1955)

Track Map

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Road America was designed and built by Clif Tufte in 1955 after the Village of Elkhart Lake stopped hosting races on open roads following the nation-wide ban. "America's National Park of Speed" is one of the oldest and best circuits in North America. The storied four-mile, 14-turn road circuit has a legendary history and maintains its original configuration, which is located on 640-acres in the middle of Wisconsin's Kettle Moraine.


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Other Racetracks

in the Midwest




GingerMan Raceway

61414 County Rd 388 - South Haven, Michigan 49090

Circuit length: 2.14 miles 11 turns  (Built in 1995)

Track Map


GingerMan Raceway is a private track on a 350-acre site. The original circuit was 1.88 miles and is now 2.14 miles long with a newer corner extension. This relatively new facility was built on vacant farmland, which contained aged apple and cherry orchards. The track layout was developed by Alan Wilson of Motorsports Development, Denver, Colorado, to take advantage of the natural terrain. Track grading and paving was done by Klett Construction Company, a local firm, using special polymerized asphalt material formulated to stand up to the stresses of racing and Michigan winters.


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Grattan Raceway

7201 Lessiter Road - Belding, Michigan 48809

Circuit length: 2.0 miles, 12 turns  (Built in 1965)

Track Map

Racing Line Map

Gearing Map


Grattan Raceway Park is a 220-acre facility featuring a 12-turn, 2.0-mi (3.2 km) road-circuit located in Belding, Michigan. The circuit is a winding, hilly, complex that contains almost every concievable corner imaginable for a road course. The twelve turns include, both ascending and descending radius turns, a flat out dog leg off the 160 degree hairpin, a hidden apex, a Monza bowl, esses and even a challenging downhill reverse camber turn. Drivers from all forms of racing, (Indy Cars, Trans-Am, SCCA and VSCDA), have practiced and raced at Grattan.


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Mid-America Motorplex

19340 Jesup Avenue - Pacific Junction, Iowa 51561

Circuit length: 2.23 miles, 15 turns  (Built in 2002)

Circuit length: 1.40 miles, 12 turns  (Built in 2005)

Track Map


Mid America Motorplex is another Alan Wilson designed road circuit. The track surface is second to none with an incredibly tire-friendly compound that will greatly reduce tire wear, and will promote safer adhesion for all types of vehicles. Alternative configuration, named “D-Curve”, completed September 2005.


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p hills  
Prairie Hills Motorsport Club (proposed, not built)

5530 North 100 E - Lake Village, Indiana

Hundreds of track configurations. Five tracks configured to run in either direction; independent, or in combination with each other. North Circuit: two tracks of 1.8 miles and 2.2 miles, 25 double-apex, off camber, hairpin, blind and carousel turns. South Circuit: 35' elevation change, two tracks of 2.3 miles and 3 miles, 34 G-force inducing turns.  (Not built)

Track Map (proposed)


Prairie Hills Motorsports Club was a proposed $82 million sports car race track to be built on 872 acres near Lake Village, Indiana, which the developers had claimed would be "the longest Grand Prix-style course in the Western Hemisphere" when completed. An unnamed source close to the Prairie Hills Motorsports Club development has stated that due to the present economic climate, the likelihood of this ambitious project seeing fruition is highly in doubt. Though all the pieces are in place to construct a world class racing facility, the necessary funds simply are not available.


Waterford Hills

4770 Waterford Road - Clarkston, Michigan 48346

Circuit length: 1.42 miles, 12 turns  (Built in 1959)

Track Map


Numerous elevation changes with near full course viewing for spectators.


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