Summary of Service
By Stacy Scharch
In general, US Naval aviation went through several organizational changes especially during the second world war. Patrol Wings were changed to Fleet Air Wings, and Patrol Squadrons (VP) were continually reconstituted.  The result is a sometimes confusing unit lineage for Patrol Squadrons and their bases of operation during the war.

It's hard to grasp the enormity of the US military's buildup, all the duties performed by the millions of men and women involved, to achieve a common result in just a few years time. Practically every able person went to war at home and abroad. This shear scale, cost, and level of effort will probably never be repeated by humankind.



Date from

Date to

NACSB  Chicago, IL

10 Aug 1942

10 Aug 1942

NPS  Iowa City, IA

29 Oct 1942

20 Jan 1943

NAS  Olathe, KS

20 Jan 1943

18 Apr 1943

NAS  Norman, OK

19 Apr 1943

23 May 1943

NAS  Corpus Christi, TX

24 May 1943

14 Jun 1943

NavHosp Corpus Christi, TX

14 Jun 1943

13 Jul 1943

NAS  Corpus Christi, TX

14 Jul 1943

18 Sep 1943

FAW-6, NAS  Whidbey Island, WA

15 Oct 1943

05 Jan 1944

VP-61 Alaska

05 Jan 1944

15 Sep 1945


17 Dec 1945

21 Dec 1945

USN PersSepCen, Great Lakes, IL

28 Dec 1945


Headquarters 9ND (VNR)

21 May 1952








Rank / Status



Enlisted as AvCadet:

Aug 10, 1942


Appointed Ensign:

Sep. 18, 1943


Appointed Lt.(JG):

Jan. 29, 1945


Separated active duty:

Dec. 28, 1945


Separated Navy Rsrv:

May 21, 1952


Ensign, A-V(N) George J. Scharch

Taken at home in Milwaukee, WI after

Corpus Christi and prior to FAW-6, WA

ca. September 1943




Lt. (JG) George J. Scharch (front row first on left) and aircrew, sitting in front of PBY-5A Catalina or newer variant.  (ca. 1945)

Names of crew, unit, and photo location unconfirmed. Possibly taken at NAS Whidbey Island, WA with VP-61, or with same in Alaska.

A medical exam from January 29, 1945 noted 900 hours of total flying time, including 700 hours within last 12 months. A weekly average of 13.5 hours.

Many PBY patrol missions droned on for some six hours or more, and while enduring Alaska's inclement weather.




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