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Lead Crew - Mission #101
29 Jan 1944
Frankfurt, Germany



City area, Frankfurt, Germany (PFF)

Crews Dispatched:


Crews Lost:

1 crew, Lt. Fowler, 10 crewmembers

Length of Mission:

7 hours, 5 minutes

Bomb Load:

10 x 500 lb G.P. bombs

Bombing Altitudes:

Both Groups at 25,000 ft

Ammo Fired:

3,100 rounds


B-17G "Ole George" #42-31574 (358BS) VK-G
41st CBW-B High - Pilot Maj K.R. Mitchell / CoPilot Capt J.V. Lemmon

(Back L-R) 1Lt R. F. Coburn (B), 1Lt W.D. McSween (N),
2Lt J. R. Burns (TG), Lt H.H. Steely (N),
Capt J.V. Lemmon (CP), Maj Kirk R. Mitchell (P)

(Front L-R) S/Sgt N. Vaughn (WG), S/Sgt C.S. Schmeltzer (WG),
T/Sgt D. F. Gilmore (R), S/Sgt R.G. Scharch (BT), T/Sgt C.E. Wagner (E)

Crew members made the following comments after interrogation:


Major Kirk R. Mitchell (right), "B" Group leader, finished his 25th mission and described it as uneventful. "There wasn't much to it," he said. "We really expected a rough one, but didn't get it. We had excellent fighter support by our P-38s and P-47s. They certainly keep the German fighters away from our Group. There were 25 or 30 enemy fighters around, but they stayed away. Don't know how we did on the bombing because we dropped through the clouds. Should be good though, because we dropped in the middle of the flak barrage."

Detailed Mission Report: Combat Mission No. 101

 From left: Capt. John V. Lemmon (CoPilot) and Major Kirk R. Mitchell (Pilot) on Mission 101

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