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Lead Crew - Mission #106
06 Feb 1944
Dijon, France



Dijon/Lonvic Airdrome, Dijon, France

Crews Dispatched:

20 plus 2 spares

Crews Lost:

1 crew, Lt. J.S. Bass, 1 KIA, 9 POW

Crew lost/wounded

Co-pilot Lt. C.G. Doering KIA

Length of Mission:

7 hours, 10 minutes

Bomb Load:

6 or 12 500 lb M43 type bombs

Bombing Altitudes:

15,500 ft

Ammo Fired:

425 rounds


B-17-G "Clover Leaf" (Little Princess) #42-31583 (358BS) VK-C
41st CBW High (358BS) - Pilot Capt D. Gamble / CoPilot Maj G.S. Shumake

(Back L-R) Capt J.B. Fawcett (B), Maj G.S. Shumake (CP),
Capt D. Gamble (P), Capt N.N. Jacobsen (N), 1Lt H.H. Steely (N)

(Front L-R) S/Sgt F.H. Stender (TG), S/Sgt N. Vaughn (WG),
S/Sgt D.L. Wilson (E), T/Sgt H.N. Bland (R),
Sgt N.M. Clark (WG), T/Sgt R.G. Scharch (BT)

Twenty aircraft were airborne and three aborted due to engine failures:
#42-31314, Scorchy, 359BS-M (Goolsby)
#42-31483, Bonnie B, 359BS-P (Bech)
#42-31471, Doolittle's Destroyers, 360BS-E (DeWall)


Meager and inaccurate flak was encountered. One aircraft had minor flak damage. About five enemy aircraft were seen, but were too far away to be identified. Friendly fighter support was good. Weather at the target was not as described during briefing and was not suitable for visual bombing. All bombs were bright back to Molesworth. One German JU-88
blundered into the path of the bombers and was last seen speeding away at treetop height.

B-17G #42-31399 (No Name) 360BS-F, piloted by Lt. Underwood, had one casualty. Co-pilot C.B. Doering was killed by a 50-caliber bullet through the back of his head. Three bullets, believed to have been shot from a 379BG aircraft flying nearby, hit the aircraft. One of the bullets was recovered.

One 358BS aircraft and crew was lost. The Padded Cell II #42-97498, piloted by 1Lt. Julius E. Bass, went down with a fire in the cockpit and crashed near Bricy in the Paris, France, area. Ten parachutes were seen. The cause of the loss was unknown, but it was not believed due to enemy action. Co-pilot Myron M. Goldman was killed. Lt. Bass, 2Lt. Milton B. Abernathy, 2Lt. Matthew S. Zientar, S/Sgt. Alfonso Quevedo, Sgt. Harold J. Brown, Sgt. Michael J. Canale, Sgt. John P. Grsetic and Sgt. Cyril J. Dockendorf were all captured and taken prison. S/Sgt. James C. Hensley evaded the enemy, but was later captured.


Major Glynn F. Shumake stated, "We couldn't find the target because of 10/10 clouds. There isn't much to say. We met little flak and no enemy fighters. We had perfect fighter escort all the way with P-38s and P-47s practically flying formation with us."

Detailed Mission Report: Combat Mission No. 106

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