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Lead Crew - Mission #103
03 Feb 1944
Wilhelmshaven, Germany



U-Boat Facilities, Wilhelmshaven, Germany (PFF)

Crews Dispatched:


Crews Lost:

Capt. G.A. White, 10 KIA

Length of Mission:

6 hours, 20 minutes

Bomb Load:

6 & 12 x 500 lb G.P. bombs (6 w/bomb bay tanks)

Bombing Altitudes:

28,000 ft and 28,300 ft

Ammo Fired:

5,450 rounds


B-17G "Ole George" #42-31574 (358BS) VK-G
41st CBW-B Lead (358BS) - Pilot Capt D. Gamble / CoPilot Col K.D. Stevens

(Back L-R) 1Lt W.D. McSween (N), 1Lt H.H. Steely (N), 2Lt J.R. Burns (TG-O),
Capt D. Gamble (P), Col K.D. Stevens (CP), 1Lt W.T. Sweet (B)

(Front L-R) S/Sgt R.W. Hoffman (E), S/Sgt D.F. Gilmore (R),
S/Sgt C.S. Schmeltzer (WG), T/Sgt R.G. Scharch (BT), Sgt R.G. McArthur (WG)

Crew members made the following comments after interrogation:


The Fortresses used the new "magic eye" device to bomb through heavy clouds and contrails. Col. Stevens said that the bombers had a perfect bombing run and dropped their loads right on the indicated positions. "The toughest opposition we had was the weather," Col. Stevens reported. "There were plenty of fighters around, but they were all ours. No flak at all. It was the best bomb run I have seen for bombing through clouds.

Detailed Mission Report: Combat Mission No. 103

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