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Ens. Edward L. Scharch

U.S. Naval Aviator WWII

(Taken March 14, 1944)

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T/Sgt Richard G. Scharch

303rd BG, 8th Air Force

U.S. Army Air Force - ETO WWII

(ca. 1944)



Lt/JG George J. Scharch

US Naval Aviator WWII

USNPF (Pacific Fleet)

(Taken ca. Sep 1943)



1/Lt Richard F. Baer

487th BG, 8th Air Force

U.S. Army Air Force - ETO WWII

(Taken in June 1944)



Raymond W. Baer

86th Infantry "Black Hawk" Division

Sgt. U.S. National Army (AEF WWI)

(Taken ca. 1914)

Paul E. Stark residence 1921
The Nakoma Neighborhood
Madison, Wisconsin

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Road America  Elkhart Lake, WI  2016 Event Schedule
June 23-26 • IndyCar Series/Pirelli World Challenge. 2015 Ferrari crash analysis
July 14-17 • International Challenge with Brian Redman. Vintage race and Concours d’ Elegance. Photos from 2015 event by Stacy
July 30-31 • Milwaukee SCCA national club race at Road America.
August 5-7 • IMSA SportsCar Championship races.
August 20-21 • Chicago Region SCCA regional club race.
August 25-27 • SCCA Pro Trans-Am series and NASCAR series races.
September 16-18 • VSCDA Elkhart Lake Vintage Festival and race.
Central Division SCCA 2016 CenDiv SCCA Race Dates
Race Circuits: Autobahn (Joliet, IL) • Blackhawk Farms Raceway (Rockton, IL)
Brainerd Int'l Raceway (Brainerd, MN) • Milwaukee Mile (Milwaukee, WI)
Road America (Elkhart Lake, WI)
Brainerd Int'l Raceway, MN  2016 Event Schedule
May 27-29 • Harvey West Memorial Day, LOL Region SCCA regional club race
July 1-3 • NASA and SCCA Trans Am road racing. BIR photos by Stacy
Sep 2-4 • Jack Pine Sprints, LOL Region SCCA regional club race.
Sports Car Club Activities in Minnesota
Land O' Lakes Region SCCA: New website
Twin Cities Area Autocross Events: Calendar 2016
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Twin City Motor Speedway
Short-lived 2-mile concrete oval ghost track
operated in Minneapolis, MN 1915-1917.

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Road America, WI 1980s

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Road America, WI 2009

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